SAFARI: Art Cover released!


IRVINE, California. 10/27/2021 — AFRIK COMICS is excited to reveal the first look at its upcoming Graphic Novel  SAFARI THE AFRICAN CHILD TM “Children Of The Mines”, the first of many upcoming series from the studio, a division of ADANIS.

In order to save his injured and dying father, Safari teams up with his reckless friend Kaye in search of a quick way to make money. Desperate times require desperate measures (but hey, who are we to judge!), yet, at what cost?

SAFARI THE AFRICAN CHILD TM “Children Of The Mines”  (NOV262021) will be available first online at  Amazon Kindle, then later in comic book shops  and other digital platforms including Apple Books, and Google Play.

SAFARI THE AFRICAN CHILD graphic novel stories are fictional, yet, they bring to light factual topics related to African youth past and current conditions. Beautifully written, penciled, and inked by African artists, with the goal of bringing to light what many are trying to hide for their benefit.

AFRIK COMICS’ goal is to tell African stories while supporting African artists by giving them opportunities to showcase their talents and earn money while doing what they love.

Buying a copy of this graphic novel provides AFRIK COMICS with the needed funds to pay and support their artists and their dreams.

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Founded in 2021 by Eric Adunagow, Founder and owner of ADUNAGOW, the Multimedia Company, AFRIK COMICS develops comics geared towards African-related stories and themes, all made by African artists in support of bringing awareness of the talents and riches from African cultures. The studio’s mission is to create immersive, educative, and entertaining contents that people can lose themselves in for hours at a time, as well as shorter experiences that can be enjoyed with friends.